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Higher Probability Commodity Trading BookDon't take our word for it, see what other commodity industry veterans have to say about Carley Garner's book, Higher Probability Commodity Trading!

We consulted with several well-known names in futures trading to get a consensus on whether or not this particular commodity trading book belonged in the trading library's of various types and sizes of futures traders. The results were overwhelming.

Congratulations to Carley Garner for writing a comprehensive commodities compendium that should be mandatory reading for anyone considering trading these markets. Like she does in her clear, concise articles I’ve read on, Garner offers practical need-to-know, real-world trading tips. It will help not only the novice trader, but seasoned veterans as well. This book will serve as a must-have reference in every trader's library.

Failure to be compensated for the risk being taken is one of the biggest problems facing futures traders today. By educating readers about products, strategies, and account structures historically viewed as too complex or exclusive to only the ultra-wealthy, Higher Probability Commodity Trading by Carley Garner helps solve this problem. The framework laid out for investors, managers, and advisors makes this an indispensable literary asset.

Carley Garner does a tremendous job of breaking down the complex topic of commodity trading so that anyone can understand it. The author provides clear explanations and detailed strategies for those who wish to trade futures and commodities. Carley's experience and unique insight allow her to do this without glossing over important nuances. The result is a detailed, yet easily understood work that belongs in any commodity trader's library. 

Carley’s latest book is well suited for not only the novice futures trader needing a complete primer on "futures trading 101", but also for more experienced traders who could use a full refresh on significant trading concepts. I found great value in its contents. 

I've known Carley for many years.  She is one of the true professionals in the industry.  She works tirelessly to help people successfully navigate markets by providing resources like this one. Higher Probability Commodity Trading should be in the library of anyone participating in commodity markets, whether just starting out, or a seasoned pro. 

Carley's new book is a wealth of helpful and practical information....She clearly shares what she personally uses to identify commodity market opportunities which can help YOU do the same for yourself! 

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