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Higher Probability Commodity Trading BookDon't take our word for it, see what other commodity industry veterans have to say about Carley Garner's book, Higher Probability Commodity Trading!

We consulted with several well-known names in futures trading to get a consensus on whether or not this particular commodity trading book belonged in the trading library's of various types and sizes of futures traders. The results were overwhelming.

I found Carley Garner's latest book, Higher Probability Commodity Trading, a great read for both beginner and advanced commodity traders. She nails the seemingly impossible task of leveling the playing field by imparting vital concepts in easy to digest bites. Carley's book offers readers an abundance of clever trading strategy and risk management techniques in that easy-to-read format, but she doesn't leave out the harsh realities and heartbreak many overzealous speculators face.  If you are looking for the “real deal”, not empty promises, this book should be on your shelf!

Carley Garner’s book Higher Probability Commodity Trading offers a functional and realistic starting point for trading commodity futures and options.  Her introductions to different types of technical analysis helps to remove some of "mystery" of chart interpretation and in pattern identification.  Often we need to be reminded that trading futures has big advantages but not without some significant risks.  Carley’s book underscores the axiom that being forewarned is being forearmed.  In other words, gather as much practical information before you press the button and then keep educating yourself throughout your trading life.  Many of the books I read regarding trading strategy make fantastic promises or deal in highbrow theory.  It’s refreshing to read a book that stresses practicality and fundamental product knowledge.  Good luck and trade smart and safe.

In “Higher Probability Commodity Trading,” Carley Garner has given us a comprehensive and compelling well of information that tells us, in entertaining but no-nonsense terms, how to trade a wide range of commodities . . . and how to do so successfully.  Carley’s depth of knowledge in the commodities markets is truly impressive. As an equities trader for nearly 20 years, I have learned a tremendous amount from this book. All commodities traders, whether beginners or advanced, will consider this book a treasure!

I love the book... it’s an MBA in trading for the price of a few cups of Starbucks! I have been in financial markets for 30 years and I learned many new strategies and ideas...Bravo!

Higher Probability Commodity Trading is one of the rare cases of a book that does a great job combining fundamental, seasonal, and technical analysis.  Carley Garner’s latest book is a must own for anyone considering trading commodities or options on commodities.

In her book “Higher Probability Commodity Trading”, Carley Garner has written the new ‘bible’ of futures trading. Garner tackles every nuance of commodity trading and does it well; margins, spreads, seasonal patterns, technicals, speculative and commercial players – there isn’t a thing she’s seemed to have left out.

And oh yes, she gives real world strategies too – a few which even this old dog is going to keep as new tricks.

If you’ve got the desire to completely understand what it takes to successfully trade the futures markets, I can think of no better book to read.

Carley has been a respected figure in the futures industry for many years. Her approach to successful markets analysis, trading, and trading education is one of keen preparation and study, continually absorbing markets knowledge, and following the basics of market analysis and trading that have propelled the most successful traders/analysts over the past 125 years.

Every futures trader or “want to be” commodity trader must read this book. Carley Garner’s passion and experience as a commodity broker shine through as she takes you from the beginning to the end, of the futures trading process. Whether you are a beginner commodity trader or experienced, Garner’s futures trading book is like having a “how-to” encyclopedia on commodity trading.  This book is a fantastic next step to Carley’s A Trader First Book on Commodities. If that was Futures 101, this is Futures from the Alpha to the Omega.  I also love the way Carley incorporates thoughts from other successful people into the book and uses that knowledge to help readers become successful traders.  She teaches not only the basics of commodity futures and options, but how to spot opportunities in markets like a seasoned trader! If you are only going to read one book on the futures market this has to be it.

Carley is one of the most skilled technicians I have met during my time covering commodities. She is one of my go-to sources when I need expert insight into what is really happening in the markets. With her new commodity trading book, her knowledge becomes accessible to all. She has created an outstanding reference for traders of all levels, sharing concepts of technical analysis and its application in the futures and options markets. It tackles some of the common themes in commodities – are they a trade or an investment? It is an exceptional starting point for traders and investors new to the industry.
Higher Probability Commodity Trading is truly a comprehensive guide to commodity market analysis, which I plan to keep close-by on my desk.

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