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Higher Probability Commodity Trading BookDon't take our word for it, see what other commodity industry veterans have to say about Carley Garner's book, Higher Probability Commodity Trading!

We consulted with several well-known names in futures trading to get a consensus on whether or not this particular commodity trading book belonged in the trading library's of various types and sizes of futures traders. The results were overwhelming.

I have been trading commodities and futures for more than 20 years, and whether you are new to trading or have been trading for a while: THIS book is for you! It's one of the most comprehensive books that I have seen on commodity trading. Carley covers everything you need to know: The most important indicators, Seasonalities, Commitment of Traders Report (COT), Day Trading, Position Trading and even Options Trading. My personal favorite is the chapter "Speculating in VIX Futures". And the best: Even though this book is covering all aspects of Commodities Trading, it's an easy read filled with PRACTICAL strategies, tips and tricks. In short: Get this book!

Higher Probability Commodity Trading captures the realities of futures and options trading, market analysis techniques, and trading strategy development, in a simple and easy to read format.  This book on commodity trading will be beneficial for all sizes and skill levels.

Carley’s latest book should be required reading for any new trader in futures and commodities.  She provides an excellent balance between the pros and cons of this highly speculative and risky investment arena.  Intermediate and advanced traders will also find many useful items in her book – it is that comprehensive.  I plan on keeping a copy on my trading bookshelf, and I know I’ll refer to it often.  Carley delivers a lot of excellent advice and information in this book!

Carley Garner has written an impressive commodity trading book that gives readers everything they need to get started.  She covers the underlying principles of price action, explaining both technicals and fundamentals. This is the most thorough commodity trading book I have ever read. Great job Carley, well done!

Read this book! Higher Probability Commodity Trading is a step-by-step guide to virtually everything you need to know about trading commodities. Technical analysis, fundamentals, seasonality, options, and even the VIX are covered in this trove of wisdom, arming readers with the knowledge they need successfully navigate the commodities market.

There isn’t a better book for learning how to master the art and science of trading commodities. Higher Probability Commodity Trading is a must read for the beginner or experienced trader. Carley opens the door to lesser-known tricks and strategies - this book is the only commodities book on my desk.

For clear, no-nonsense explanations of the strategies behind successful commodity trading, look no further than this book. Carley Garner generously shares insights from her wealth of experience, giving readers a step-by-step tutorial for using oscillators, charting tools, and fundamental research. This is a roadmap to follow in Carley’s footsteps to improve the odds of success by employing a wide range of resources.

Amid a dearth of excellent new literature on commodity trading, Carley Garner has authored an impressive overview of concepts and techniques traders can use to "put the odds in their favor."  As someone with experience as a commodity broker, trader, and analyst, I was first struck by her honesty about not only the allure, of but also the risk in trading commodities --- and then by her realistic insights into how to manage that risk.  Ms. Garner writes from the perspective less of a broker than of an intelligent, well-versed teacher who wants her students to succeed.  I highly recommend Higher Probability Commodity Trading to all traders from novice to experienced.  Even those who have been around a while can learn --- or relearn! --- something.

Congratulations to Carley Garner for writing a comprehensive commodities compendium that should be mandatory reading for anyone considering trading these markets. Like she does in her clear, concise articles I’ve read on, Garner offers practical need-to-know, real-world trading tips. It will help not only the novice trader, but seasoned veterans as well. This book will serve as a must-have reference in every trader's library.

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