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Every futures trader or “want to be” commodity trader must read this book. Carley Garner’s passion and experience as a commodity broker shine through as she takes you from the beginning to the end, of the futures trading process. Whether you are a beginner commodity trader or experienced, Garner’s futures trading book is like having a “how-to” encyclopedia on commodity trading.  This book is a fantastic next step to Carley’s A Trader First Book on Commodities. If that was Futures 101, this is Futures from the Alpha to the Omega.  I also love the way Carley incorporates thoughts from other successful people into the book and uses that knowledge to help readers become successful traders.  She teaches not only the basics of commodity futures and options, but how to spot opportunities in markets like a seasoned trader! If you are only going to read one book on the futures market this has to be it.

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